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Teen Dating Violence Prevention Programs

The skills taught in our Teen Dating Violence Prevention Programs empower youth to make better choices that reduce his or her risk of victimization and promote healthy, violence-free lifestyles.

Our education model focuses on youth leadership and skills development delivered in a culturally and socially relevant context.  Participants learn conflict resolution, effective communication, team building, bully prevention, values clarification, personal responsibility and leadership, risk-reduction, personal safety, diversity and the impacts and trauma of crime.  In addition, the curriculum addresses all forms of sexual assault and the relationship between drugs, alcohols, and violence.

Primary Prevention Programming was developed to end sexual violence.  It attempts to change the culture of violence found at school, home, community, and society.  Primary prevention attempts to change behaviors associated with violence, does not focus on knowledge and attitudinal change.

The two main Teen Dating Violence Prevention Programs are Expect Respect and Coaching Boys Into Men.

  • Expect Respect
    • The Expect Respect program is both a prevention and intervention program.  Several program components work together to address the problem of teen dating violence on various levels, including:
      • Support Groups and Counseling;
      • Teen Leadership Teams;
      • School-Wide Awareness; and
      • Policy
  • Coaching Boys Into Men
    • Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) is an evidenced-based comprehensive violence-prevention curriculum.  It equips athletic coaches with strategies, scenarios and specific tools to build attitudes and behaviors among young male athletes that prevent relationship abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.

Expect Respect is generously supported by the Grable Foundation, the Verizon Foundation, and PNC Charitable Trusts.