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Third Party Fundraising





Third Party Event Guidelines

Center for Victims welcomes individuals, families, businesses, community and social groups to host fundraising events on our behalf. We have partnered with hundreds of groups who have so generously invested their time and energy in to spreading awareness and generating much needed funds to support victims of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes.

Without these efforts and community support, we would not be able to reach thousands of children and teens in schools or provide the community with information necessary for them to be able to receive our services.

Center for Victims is looking forward to working with you on your third party fundraising event! Start Here.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a third party event or fundraiser!  By taking on a third party project, one assumes the responsibility of creating a successful event without a significant level of assistance from Center for Victims.   We currently have two major events, and two fundraising appeals each year that, to complete successfully, require total dedication of all staff and resources.  The nature of third party events limits us because we cannot schedule them, budget for them, or predict a reliable source of revenue from them.  Therefore, we generally have to reserve the resources we have for our own events and fundraising efforts.

Special events and fundraising efforts conducted to benefit Center for Victims should be run by organizations or individuals that are financially responsible, of well-established reputation, and motivated by a genuine desire to help Center for Victims.  If an outside business or person wishes to sponsor a special event or promotional campaign to benefit Center for Victims, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • No action will be taken on any event/campaign until approval is received from the Development Director and/or Special Events Coordinator.
  • A Third Party Event Information Form must be submitted to determine if the event/campaign is within Center for Victims guidelines, and feasible within its existing calendar of activities.
  • Center for Victims will not associate with businesses or individuals known to conduct themselves in a manner incompatible with our mission.  Should this issue arise, it will be resolved by the Development Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • Center for Victims will not incur third party expenses, or provide any funds for third party events/campaigns.
  • Organizers must identify any businesses or individuals to be contacted for solicitation, so that Center for Victims can avoid duplicated efforts.  One must have permission from Center for Victims prior to soliciting any businesses or individuals in Center for Victims’ name.
  • A donation solicited on our behalf, whether a donation is an item or cash, is fully tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to this agency.  Center for Victims will determine what types of gifts can be considered tax-deductible prior to solicitation or promotion, as we are the only agents that can verify that such a gift was made, and its nature, to the Internal Revenue Service.  This information must be made explicitly clear in promotion of the event/campaign.
  • Fundraisers shall state the terms of the donation Center for Victims can expect from the event/campaign (for example:  50% of profits, one time donation of $1,000, or all proceeds).  This information must be made specific in event/campaign promotions.  Organizers must also state the date by which Center for Victims will receive the donation.
  • Any promotion of the event/campaign, mentioning or including Center for Victims’ name or logo, must be approved by Center for Victims staff prior to printing or release.
  • Terms for use of Center for Victims staff, volunteers, mailing lists or general publicity among our supporters, must be agreed upon by Center for Victims before approval of the event/campaign.
  • Organizers who wish to request the presence of Center for Victims volunteers or staff representatives should make their request at least one month prior to the event to allow sufficient time for such individuals to be contacted and scheduled to attend.  Center for Victims cannot guarantee the presence of volunteers or staff for any third party fundraising event.
  • In general, we ask that no more than 20% of gross revenue generated be used to cover expenses.
  • When a portion of the charge (or “suggested donation”) to the participant in a third party event/campaign is not tax-deductible, a statement to that effect must be included in all appropriate materials.
  • Any intention to include media sponsorship must be discussed with the Center for Victims. Center for Victims staff is unable to offer resources to help secure media relationships.
  • Center for Victims will not solicit participation from our clients and donors in any third party event beyond listing the event on our website and distributing event information via email to all staff and our Board of Directors.

Each request will be considered individually.  Generally, the following events or campaigns will not be approved:

  • Events/campaigns falling in close proximity to a Center for Victims event.
  • Events/campaigns that rely heavily on the use of Center for Victims staff and/or volunteers.
  • Events/campaigns which require Center for Victims to sell tickets, coupons, etc.
  • Events/campaigns that require significant attendance from Center for Victims staff and/or volunteers, or response from our mailing list, to generate the majority of revenue.
  • Benefits involving the sale of tickets or merchandise on the “remit or return” plan, or one that employs salespeople on a commission basis.
  • Ongoing campaigns which promise the public that a percentage of profits will go to Center for Victims, unless documented and verifiable.