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Mediation and Crisis Response

Our mediation services and community crisis response team services are what set us apart from other victim service agencies in the region. We provide a holistic approach to mediation between individuals or groups. We also know that acts of violence can also impact more than one person. In some extreme cases, crime and violence can impact entire communities.


Center for Victims provides party-centered, transformative mediation to members with the goal of promoting constructive conversation to help people in conflict work out their own solutions. Our techniques and tools to enhance effective communication with and between individuals or groups of people, and we act as a third party for others, such as employees or family members in conflict situations. We attempt to replace styles of ineffective communication with tools and techniques for engaging in conflict effectively and peacefully in everyday life, and increase awareness of constructive alternatives to resolving conflict beyond the use of violence & litigation.

Community Crisis Response Teams

When violence impacts a community or organization in Allegheny County either directly or indirectly, Center for Victims is able to provide a Crisis Response Team to help lessen the effects of the traumatic event. Traumatic events like sudden violence can overwhelm us and affect our psychological and emotional health. Center for Victims has an extensive history providing leadership and intervention during every incident of mass-violence in the county over the past 30 years. Crisis teams provide crisis counseling, emotional support, validation and safety planning to individuals and groups affected by violence and crime.